Use of Scroll saw for woodworking

As the name suggests, the scroll saw is a type of saw an powered saw in that, which is used for intricate work on wood. Wooden sculptures and intricately carved wooden furniture are made using scroll saws. But, not all such pieces are made with them as there are hand-carved pieces also.

Scroll saws are used extensively by woodworkers involved in woodworking, scrolls and intricate carving on ivory and other such works. Scroll saws are also used to design toys, jigsaw puzzles, chess coins, and other such things that are made with wood. It can be useful to a carpenter when he is making dovetail joints for manufacturing items like jewelry boxes, furniture, etc. Lettered signs and templates of wood are also made using the scroll saw.

What are the factors to consider while buying a scroll saw?

 The factors to be considered while buying a scroll saw include

  • The size of the saw– The term used to denote the size of the scroll saw is Throat. It is usually determined by measuring the area from the back of the blade to the back of the scroll saw. The throat size is an important consideration because it would define the size of wood that can be cut using it. For example, if the throat size of the saw is 15 inches, the scroll saw can be used to cut a wood that is 30 inches thick. Which means a scroll saw can cut a wood that is double its throat size. Therefore your choice must be based on the type of projects you usually work on.
  • Tensioning mechanism- It is important to ensure that the blade tension is right to cut. This is not an issue as it is adjustable. But, what you need to consider while buying a scroll saw is that the tensioning system is set in the front of the scroll saw. This would help adjust the blade’s tension on the fly. It is possible only if the tensioning system is in front of the scroll saw.
  • Blade types- You have got to choose between two different types of blades that you would find in a scroll saw. The two types include the pin-end blade and the unpinned or flat blades. Each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should make a choice based on the type of projects you would be working on for the pin-end blades are meant for cutting thicker wood while the flat blades are meant for making intricate cuts with adjustment of blade tension at regular intervals.
  • Speed- The Scroll saws in the market at present have a variable speed. However, choosing the scroll saw after considering the maximum, and minimum speed that is possible and whether it would be suitable for your work is suggested.
  • Dust collection– The dust collection feature of the scroll saw is also an important consideration. Most of the time, the scroll saws come with a dust blower. It is important to ensure that the size of the bellow and the nozzle are adequate. Also, check if it is possible to adjust the nozzle. There are also scroll saws that can be connected to the shop vacuum cleaner for the removal of dust. Buying a scroll saw with an effective dust removal system will reduce the physical strain involved in cleaning up the mess after work is done.

Choose the scroll saw that would be suitable for the work you do with care! do not forget to read scroll saw reviews before buying.

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