How Cat Water Fountains Improve Your Cat’s Health?

To answer this question, one has to understand a few facts about cats. Cats are desert dwellers and they drink essential water through right prey such as rodents. But cats manage effective thirst mechanisms in the past days. As cats used to eat small mammals and other creatures, they got a high percentage of water from such prey animals. But today’s pampered house cats are eating dry food, which will not supply water content to the cat’s body. Thus dry food diets just dehydrate your pets. you love to check about the top rated cat beds at catbedsguide

Cats like to drink water from flat pools or streams. But pet owners serve the water using the bowl in which they will drink until the water level doesn’t drop. As they don’t want to stick their heads into the bowl, they avoid drinking enough water. Also, bowl water will lose its freshness after a few hours, due to which they are fresh and rich in oxygen as well. Thus drinking water from the bowl is not good for the cat’s health.

Dry Food + Poor Thirst Sensing + Water Bowl Avoidance = Dehydration:

If the cat has healthy kidneys, then the cat will pass less concentrated urine. But in highly concentrated urine, minerals started accumulating to form crystals which result in urinary tract inflammation or infection or kidney stones in both sexes of cats. In male cats, such infections may result in serious life-threatening serious health issues.


CRI stands for Chronic Renal Insufficiency, which is a disorder that may develop in aged cats. This is also due to dehydration issues. So the cat needs to drink a lot of water to stay not only hydrated but also avoid kidney-related issues. A poor thirst mechanism and negative things of water source result in the cat not drinking enough water even with dehydration issues.

When you make your cat drink more water, it will help to eliminate crystals and also UTI conditions. So the pet’s owner can reduce or eliminate the frequent veterinary visits. In cats having CRI issues, drinking more water on their own can save their life. But if they are not drinking water on their own, then one has to consider buying a cat water fountain.

Cat Water Fountain – Avoid Cat’s Dehydration Condition:

To make your cats drink more water, cat water fountains are the best way to drink more water. In general, cats are attracted to moving objects like toys, light or water, etc. Most cats are attracted to the sight and sound of interesting things such as moving water. Most cats will start to play after seeing the moving water and also lick the water from the fountain. Here the advantage is that water is fresh and the whiskers of the cat never touch the sides when they try to drink water from the fountain. So with the water fountains, the cat enjoys drinking enough water and doesn’t have to suffer from the above health issues. It’s like a WIN-WIN situation for the cat and the pet owner to enjoy with the cat water fountain.

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