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Buyer’s guide for the best mixer grinder

Not many options of mixer grinders are generally given to the customers by the shopkeepers. Blindfolded customers rely on what the salesperson says about a product. But now, thanks to the internet, things have changed. Before buying any product, you can research it on the internet.

To buy the best mixer grinder for you, the following are some things that you should first consider.

Blade’s features

Mixer grinders use different types of blades for different purposes. Many of them are made using stainless steel. This material helps the blade to last longer and to handle the task efficiently. The blades should be easy to clean.

Motor Speed

It is best to go for mixer grinder with varying speed settings. This can offer the best cooking experience. At different speeds, the motor functions efficiently for controlling the blade. The speed control mechanism of the motor can ensure the overflow of food items does not occur.

A powerful motor can let the blades to operate at high rpm (rotations per minute). This helps to grind the food within a short duration.


If the device uses power above 600 Watts, it can become noisy. Look for devices which are energy efficient to reduce the electricity charges. If you have a large family, it is better to go for an appliance with 750 Watts.

Speed Controls

For better cooking experience, it is good to buy a mixer grinder with varying speed controls. The speed of processing the ingredients in the jar can affect the quality of taste.

To monitor the speed and grinding process, you can opt for the electronic speed sensor. It can also automatically increase the speed if needed.

Overload Protection

Unknowingly, overfilling of the jars with ingredients or running the appliance for a long time can happen. This poses a risk of burning the motor. That is why manufactures have incorporated the overheat and overload protection features. This serves as a circuit breaker to stop further damage to the motor.

Quality and Durability

A mixer grinder is an appliance that people use every day in their kitchens. So, it needs to last for a long time. Make sure that the outer body of the mixer grinder is made of high-quality plastic. The motor components and jars should be of stainless steel.

For the quality of the steel, check for 304 grade. This can resist corrosion and oxidation.


This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, before you buy the appliance, check the period of warranty offered. Some come with 2-5 years of warranty while other models have 7-10 years.


One of the main things you should think is about the cost. Generally, the juicer type is pricey than the normal mixer grinders. With higher capabilities comes a higher price range.

The bottom line

In everyone’s kitchen, a mixer grinder has a unique place. It helps to finish the cooking process soon. Its no wonder why everyone loves this product.

The market has so many confusing options for customers. But with the things you saw above, the process to find your ‘perfect’ mixer grinder will be a simple one.

The whole story of fans

Have you ever imagined our life without fans? Even after the invention of the air conditioner, the demand of the fans in India has never decreased. Now the question is, what are fans? Fans are the electronic devices that create flows in the air. Fans usually have blades. From ceiling to table fan, every kind of fan has blades, and the number of the blades varies. A fan impacts the air when the blades rotate and create a flow in the air. A fan can redirect the direction and the speed of the air. And the fan only does so because of the fast and rapid rotation of the blades. The fans have power sources to move the blades rapidly. Usually, most of the fans have electric motors as power sources. Some other kinds of fans have hydraulic motors and internal combustion engines.

Uses of fans

A fan is one of the most important electronic appliances in every house. You probably can’t find any house without a fan inside. As the electronic lights are important for regular survival, the fans are important too. Hence, fans have numerous uses. The regular people mostly use fans for controlling the climate, weather, and for providing personal thermal comfort to themselves. The motor manufacturers use fans as the engine coolers. This is also an important usage. Because the vehicle engines stop working sometimes and get crushed if not cooled. You can see fans as coolers inside devices like computers and generators.

You can also see the usage of fans on other devices too. Driers have little fans inside to dry down the wet clothes or hair. Vacuum cleaners also include fans inside for dust cleaning and other cleaning purposes.

But there is an amazing thing to know. A fan doesn’t cool your body itself. You might have a habit of coming from the heat of the outside and turning on the fan to cool down yourself. You might have always thought that the fan directly cools you down. That’s not facts. A fan has no direct impact on cooling you. It only cools you down indirectly. A fan induces the evaporative cooling of the sweat, and you feel cool. That’s why a fan doesn’t cool you properly when the surrounding air has much more humidity.

Types of fans

There are multiple types of fans there. The main materials of fans are plastic and metals. Here are some common types of fans-

Ceiling fans

This is the most common type of fan that you can see in every house. These fans get attached to the ceiling of a room and produce the airflow downwards. These fans don’t have blade guards, and these fans are usually big.

Table fans

These are comparatively small-sized fans. You can keep this kind of fan anywhere. These fans produce a parallel airflow. A table fan is capable of producing more airflow than the ceiling fans.

Exhaust fans and cooling fans

You can see the exhaust fans mainly in kitchens to exhaust the warm air outside. The cooling fans are used inside motors and several devices to cool the main motor or engine.

The survival of society is tough without fans, and we need fans every time to live in a better way.

Deciding on what type of water purifier you need

Though water is a natural resource, we find it highly contaminated. In the earlier days, people used to purify the water through boiling and filtering until the latest technology came as a water purifier came into the picture.

A water purifier not only helps you in avoiding the process but also successfully keeps you away from all kinds of water-borne diseases. It purifies the tap water before you consume it.

How to choose the right water purifier?

You can find a variety of water purifiers in the market that varies from simple water filters to advanced water filters.  When you see a range of water purifiers in the market, the first question that arises is whether the water purifier is the right fit for your house or kitchen. Some of the factors are:

  • Water Quality – If you are getting hard water at your place, you can opt for RO. The reason to select RO is its semi-permeable membrane, having a pore size of .0005 The tiny pores filter more dissolved salt, metals, and other water impurities. If you are residing in the area where you get soft water, you need to consider the TDS water purifier within a specific limit even if you go for a carbon-activated filter, that serves the purpose.
  • Performance – Plays a vital role when it comes to eliminating the harmful bacteria, nitrate, and other pesticides that harm people. One cannot see them with a naked eye, because of which you have to depend on the laboratory to test the number of contaminants. If you are particular about cleanliness, UV-based RO filtration serves your purpose. The UV effects purify the water, destroying the bacteria and viruses’ cells, including their reproducing capacity. These organisms lose the battle and eventually perish.
  • Water pressure – Whether you buy UV or RO, both the filters need a high-pressure water supply. The RO filter won’t function effectively if the incoming water flow does not possess the required pressure. If your house gets insufficient water supply, it depends on what kind of water you are getting. If you get soft water that has fewer water impurities, go for activated carbon purifiers as the safest option. Alternatively, you can boost the water pressure through the RO filter.
  • Electricity consumption – The drawback of RO and UV filtration as an advanced water purification technology is more electricity consumption. If you are getting inconsistent water supply, then you need not opt for RO or UV filtration. Instead, you can opt for activated carbon purifiers.
  • Budget – If budget is a constraint for you to buy RO or UV water purifier, you can either opt for the water purifier at a lower price. The budget for RO or UV water purifier would include maintenance cost as well.


One needs to consider the pros and cons of buying a best water purifier  in india. If your budget allows you to go for UV or RO water purifiers, then you can opt for the water purifiers with more features.