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Dos and Don’ts When Using a Baby Swing

Nowadays, a baby swing became an essential baby gear to soothe or calm a fussy infant. Such bay swings not only help to calm the baby but also give some rest to parents from taking care of their babies continuously. With advanced technology, baby swings are designed with hi-tech features. Choose the right model based on the number of months, weight, and height of your baby. After buying baby swings, there are certain things on what you should or should not do when using baby swings.


  • Baby swings always come with the instruction manuals. Read the instructions carefully before using the product. Such guidelines help to assemble the baby swing parts in the right position and also help for the proper attachment of all necessary components.
  • Ensure your newborn baby is always positioned in a reclined way to avoid the chances of your baby getting fear about the position. When they grow older, you can switch to an upright position.
  • Always use the shoulder straps to avoid the babies coming out from the swing or buy the swing that has a five-point harness for the safety of the infants.
  • Make a close watch over the baby’s comfort and safety during the initial days of swing’s use. Ensure that they are getting familiar with the use of baby swings.
  • Always make a thorough check for any unfastened or loose screws and tighten them instantly. Change the damaged parts or replace them with new parts.
  • Follow the instructions while washing the seat pad. Use a diaper to avoid the seat getting dirty and messy.
  • When your baby overgrows or increases in weight, avoid the use of baby swings


  • Never allow your baby to sleep in the swing for a longer time. Instead, move the baby to the bed after your baby falls asleep.
  • Soon after buying a baby swing, never switch on a high-speed motion. Because you have to check how comfortable your baby is. Thus start with low speed and then you can increase it gradually.
  • Never use the baby swings or place them on a wet surface. Avoid using the baby swings near wet areas like a washbasin, washroom, shower, bathtub, etc.
  • Don’t use the harness covers for other reasons, but make sure that they are only for your babies.
  • Never use the bleach powder to wash the seat of the swing.
  • If you are not going to use the baby swings for a week or month, don’t allow the batteries to stay inside the swing parts.
  • Don’t keep your baby in the baby swing for a longer time, but allow them to play in the bed and floor areas too.

Thus, use the baby swing in such a way to ensure the safety of your baby by following the above dos and don’ts.