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iOS 12 Release Date Leaked So Far by Anticipations and Claims

Since the MWC (Mobile World Congress) has long been lost its charm this year, tech biggies are gradually occupied with the idea to hold their in-house events in order to launch their devices. This is due to the fact that they got overshadowed by other companies at the tech exhibition, many companies were found in vein as others occupied their places and kept buzzing in with their unveiled devices.

But when it comes to Apple, we surely need to wait a couple of months now as the WWDC event is soon to happen in the month of June. Since Apple is now emerging on the Internet every now and then with the latest patent leaked, we assume that the American tech giant will soon bring news about its upcoming iOS 12. But since we aren’t sure of the iOS 12 release date, here’s our discussion on this front.

iOS 12 Release Date: When will it Come?

From what we have gathered through the past strategy of Apple, it strongly points out that the iOS 12 will be announced at the WWDC in this summer along with macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 as well as watchOS 5. June 2018 is probably the plausible date of iOS 13 release date. But before the company rolls out a series of the beta testing versions of the upcoming OS, Apple will come up with the rollout of the developer’s beta as well as the public beta, then after. Seemingly, the Cupertino tech giant will roll out the final public version of its iOS 12 this year itself in autumn 2018, this points out that iOS 12 release date is probably scheduled for September where the tech industry will also get new iPhones as well.

iOS 12 Release Date: Anticipations and Leaks So far Indicates

Concept illustrations as well as leaked screenshots already have been come into the limelight when it comes to iOS 12 release date. Sources claim that the iOS interface might come without the app names from icons on the Home Page. Also, there would be a new ‘app bar’ along with the iPad’s Split View option.

Wrap Up

Talking of newer upgradation, Apple is also planning for a newly redesigned version of the stock-tracking app as well as a Do Not Disturb feature which should be upgraded. This version shall enable users to reject phone calls automatically and keep it in silent mode during meetings or important works. So folk, do you have your own iOS 12’s wishlists? Choose the comments section to pour in your feedback and wishlists. For more news on iOS 12 release date, here’s the waiting. Are you waiting for ios 12 beta, do not forget to check is your device support ios 12 or not?